The subject of waste is a complex one, governed by European rules transposed by the different Member States into their internal regulations, which are, in Belgium, primarily regional.

There are many different types of waste (hazardous waste, inert waste, construction waste, household waste, toxic waste, etc.) and they involve various actors (manufacturer, collector, recycler, transporter, holder, etc.).

Until recently, the majority of waste was handled through waste disposal units. Then, principles of prevention and reduction of waste production and the desire to recover and reuse waste were put in place. Today, with the advent of the circular economy and its challenges, the role and nature of waste have greatly evolved, as has its economic value. Waste regulations reflect this complexity; they are constantly evolving.

HSP has many years of experience in this area and expert knowledge regarding the applicable legislation and regulations, their particularities and complexities. Our lawyers are able to assist you with your waste-related activities, whether from an administrative standpoint (permits, authorisations, records, appeals, etc.), a criminal standpoint (inspections, violations, judicial proceedings, etc.) or a civil standpoint (contracts, offers, etc.).