Soil performs many functions that are necessary for humans, flora and fauna. It is the foundation on which numerous human and economic activities are built. Centuries of industrial and human interventions (industrial operations, road constructions, farms, backfills, etc.) have nonetheless left their mark. Signs of pollution are increasingly observed, even outside areas that have a history of heavy use. They entail management requirements and constraints or even prohibitions on use, often accompanied by high costs and delays in the implementation of real estate projects, establishments and others.

In Belgium, the Regions are responsible for managing soil pollution. The subject is governed by complex laws and involves the implementation of specific investigation techniques performed with the help of specialised consultants.

HSP has the expertise and the experience to help you manage this issue, whether you own polluted land, are selling/buying polluted land or wish to ensure the quality of the land in question, operate an installation that poses a risk or no risk to the soil, are a public actor, a real estate professional, a contractor responsible for works involving land/soil management or a specialised consultant.