Who are we?

Our law firm

Founded in 1991, the HSP law firm groups together over twenty lawyers specializing in property law, land use, urban planning, and environmental law across all three regions of Belgium, as well as France.

The lawyers of the HSP law firm are firmly focused on real estate law in its broadest sense, and are thus familiar with civil law, administrative law, public law, tax law and criminal law.

They offer real estate professionals as well as individuals comprehensive services that cover all legal fields related to real estate law, taking into account the specific characteristics of your activity and your needs.

Our goal: to provide you with a comprehensive solution, in line with your needs and expectations, and to give you a global overview of the issue at hand and the possible implications/consequences it may have on other aspects.

We strive to be both preventive and corrective in our actions: preventive, by acting at the earliest stages of the case in order to anticipate any possible difficulties; corrective, by resolving particular difficulties and questions. In this context, we consistently favour negotiation or more generally, recourse to out of court procedures, when settling disputes.

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Our approach

Our approach is imbued with the firm’s values, namely professionalism and the complementarity of skills. This philosophy translates into:

  • The quality of the legal advice provided to the client and the desire to help the client in every aspect: the HSP law firm strives to provide clients with high-quality legal advice they can truly rely on. To this end, our devotion to the client’s interests, our desire to win cases, our in-depth legal analysis, our ability to reach firm legal conclusions, free from ambiguity, our anticipation and constant search for up-to-date information are all key characteristics of our firm.
  • The desire to constantly broaden our knowledge and expertise: in the interests of knowledge, expertise and honing their analytical skills, the lawyers of the HSP law firm continually devote time to scientific research, as well to the critical study of legal problems, publishing articles and participating in continuous training. Likewise, they keep themselves regularly informed as to all non-legal questions related to the subjects they handle. They also share their knowledge by organising or actively participating in study days or seminars held at universities, institutional settings, industrial environments and the real estate sphere.
  • Personal investment, teamwork, internal solidarity and organisation: all lawyers of the HSP law firm are selected based on their professional expertise and their human qualities. They share the same research resources, the same information network, the same work method and they all participate in continuous training. Partners continuously mentor other lawyers in the law firm. Together, they embrace the same performance label.

The organisation of the HSP law firm is based on teamwork that promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience. This approach, which is centred on complementary skills, allows us to handle all aspects of a case efficiently, according to the law firm’s method and requirements.