Land use planning and urban development

HSP provides support to authorities, individuals and real estate developers on a daily basis during the development, design, and execution phases of their construction projects. Our lawyers perform a legal analysis of them and help to anticipate the constraints that are likely to arise.

City Planning Lawyer

We assist you with the steps you have to take with the public actors concerned. In particular, we help you with the procedure for being granted a building certificate, a building permit, a building permit for combined construction projects or an urban development permit, and we also provide assistance in the context of their related appeals.

We defend your interests before the Belgian Council of State or the courts should an appeal be filed against your permits as well as before civil and criminal courts in the context of proceedings for urban planning violations.

We also provide assistance to public authorities in the writing of bills or drafts of new regulations or decisions as well as during complex procedures related to the design or modification of planning tools, as these procedures are characterised by complicated formalities and strict deadlines.

Our area of expertise also extends to procedures for listing heritage sites and obtaining permits related to listed property.