The competence and effectiveness that HSP makes available to you requires continual investments in people and equipment. Making the fees clear right from the start enables an open and solid partnership to be built, based on mutual confidence and transparency. 

We apply different formulae for our fees, the commonest of which is the hourly rate. The rates depend on what is at issue in the case, the size of the case, its complexity and urgency. 

In order to facilitate your financial management, a statement of fees and costs is sent to you every month. This clearly indicates the number of hours, and even minutes, spent working on your case, the nature of each of the services and the people who provided them.

This staggering of payments enables you to closely monitor the amounts incurred, which is all the more important since an action or negotiation always involves a certain amount of uncertainty, especially with regard to matters that can be politically or socially sensitive.

Like the outlays and charges, our fees are only due after the service. In principle, we do not require a deposit. Our invoices are sent monthly and are payable within 30 days. 

The hourly rate

Our fees vary from EUR 100 to EUR 350, depending on the experience and expertise of the HSP lawyer:

Partner lawyer : EUR 220 to 350
Senior lawyer : EUR 170
Junior lawyer : EUR 140
Graduate lawyer : EUR 100

Other fee formulae

On your request, other fee formulae can be considered:

The uniform hourly rate enables you to pay the same amount, irrespective of the person working on your case.

The subscription can be considered when you do a large amount of regular business with our firm. We can then agree on a preferential fixed price for a number of guaranteed cases or hours.

Payment according to result is a type of premium allocated in the event of a favorable outcome for important negotiations, for example. For legal reasons, a minimum fee still has to be charged, however. The Judicial Code does not allow the payment of fees to be linked exclusively to a positive result for a case.

What you also see on your invoice...

In addition to the fees for your lawyer, your statement of costs and fees has two other types of expenditure: outlays and charges.

Legal outlays are expenses incurred for you by your lawyer: bailiff 's services, court registry fees, translation costs, etc. These amounts are inherent to every action and cannot be reduced. Insofar as possible, they will be immediately invoiced to you by the service provider.

The charges are invoiced by the unit based on the administrative workload for your case. They cover the equipment used and the associated secretarial work. Some examples:

Case initialisation: EUR 75
Travel: EUR 0,4/km
Typing: EUR 10/page
Photocopies: EUR 0,4/page
Colour photocopies: EUR 1,3/page
Faxes sent: EUR 1,3/page
Faxes received: EUR 0,75/page
E-mail sent or received: EUR 0,75/page