The organisation

The efficient management of cases involves speed and astute knowledge of the law, which is incessantly on the move. From this point of view and in parallel with the general skills of the members of the firm in the matters that it handles, the associates and employees have chosen, in the areas of work of the association, to concentrate as a priority on certain of these matters.

This organisation makes it possible, if necessary, to set up an astute team to ensure the successful outcome of a case.

The members of the HAUMONT-SCHOLASSE & PARTNERS firm have been selected for their professional skill as well as for their character as human beings. They benefit from the confidence of the partners, from their skills and from their experience, and are constantly trained. They use the same research resources, the same information network and above all the same working method as the founding members of the firm.

All together, the attorneys who make up the association adhere to the same label of performance.