The association

The values of the HSP law firm reside in professionalism and expertise. This philosophy is communicated through:

  • Quality of client advice and the resolve to give the client complete assistance
  • Ongoing determination to widen skills and knowledge
  •  Personal investment, team work, consultation among colleagues and organisation

In the interests of knowledge, expertise and the development of an analytical approach, members of the HSP law firm continually keep up to date with the latest scientific research, critical examination of legal issues and scientific publications. The association also keeps itself informed on non-legal matters relative to the areas it works within.

HSP is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and achieving the best possible results for our clients. To this effect commitment to the client’s interests, the will to win cases, thorough legal analysis, the capacity to provide decisive conclusions exempt of any ambiguity, and the anticipation of - and constant research into - the latest information are the essential characteristics of our firm.